Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The second day on the Cardiac Floor

Ella is setting into her new dig's. Today was a fairly uneventful day. I received a Rainforest Aquarium from by brother today to keep myself busy inbetween all the feedings, medicines, labs, and x-rays that I have to endure every several hours. I'm also now getting my fortified breast milk straight into my stomach via my NG tube, and boy if this stuff is running through me. Mom and Dad are really getting a work out changing all my pee-pee and poopie diapers. But the best thing is that I'm progressing and making Mom, Daddie, and my brother very proud. I'm really looking forward to getting out of the hospital and being in my own room. I have been told it is really swank for my expensive taste that I will be acquiring and having everyone jump hoops for me.

From Dad, Ella deserves nothing but the best...

Love the Morrison Family.


  1. And she should expect nothing less than the best! I am so elated to hear that she is doing so well!

  2. love the new pics- look at your baby Ella all dolled up in PINK! so sweet! We are all so proud of little Miss Ella Bella Mae and of course everyone is truly amazed at Mommy and Daddy- you guys are so amazing and strong! love you all! give Ella kisses on her heart from us!