Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our last night in CVICU

Although Daddy and Ella have thoroughly enjoyed keeping you all up to date over the last couple of days, Mommy is back and I can't wait to brag about my sweet baby. I'm so excited to say that Miss Ella is going to upstairs to the 8th floor tomorrow!!! She continues to amaze us, and she is obviously doing SO well that she's moving up to the cardiac floor. This is the last step before going home! The thought of the four of us under one roof just warms my heart!!
We'll work closely with the staff on the cardiac floor in order to prepare us for taking care of Miss Ella when we get home. It's hard to believe that we're already at this point on our journey. It's been so incredibly smooth that time has just flown complaints here!
As a matter of fact, I have nothing but great things to say about our entire experience at Children's. The staff is absolutely WONDERFUL!!! They all have a special gift of taking care of these precious children. The ladies at Baylor were terrific, also. We have met some of the most incredible people since we've had Ella--beginning with our labor & delivery nurse through this last evening in CVICU. We have been so blessed!
It's after midnight now, so I'm going to catch a little rest before my party animal wakes up. She's in the pattern of sleeping all day, and being up for several hours in the middle of the night...we'll have to work on that!
Wish us luck tomorrow and please pray that her recovery continues to amaze us!
We love you,
The Morrison Family


  1. I'm so excited she is going to the floor today, even though we are really gonna miss having such a wonderful family in the ICU. Ella is absolutely precious and she has the cutest big brother ever! Take care and I'll visit you on the floor, if you aren't home before I come back to work!

  2. That is such great news! I am SO happy! I was just telling Jennifer that Ella is truly a testimony. :) Be blessed!
    Love you all!