Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Elation

I'm one step closer to being held in the arms of my mom and dad. I'm resting peacefully tonight and getting fed continously via my NG tube. My plan is to show the doctors that I'm capable of holding my feedings. If I can do this, then I will be moving out of the CVICU and to the 8th floor. I will be attended by the grasps regularly by Mom, Dad, my brother and numerous family members. I have come a long way in such a short time, but I'm ready. I'm a strong and determined child and I have a purpose on this earth. I don't know exactly what that is at this time, but God will be with me to carry on my purpose.


Ella Mae Morrison


  1. You go girl... (not quite sure I can pull that phrase off- but oh well). We are so excited to hear that you are doing so well and being so strong for your mama and dada! We can't wait to see you again. God bless!
    emily and craig

    ps. you have the cutest, sweetest, bestest mommy and daddy who are obviously doing such a fabulous job taking care of you!

  2. Good Morning Morrisons - It blesses me so to read what God has done! What a journey this has been and the blessings have only just begun!! Love, Cynthia